Easy Crochet Flower Rattle – Crochet Pattern Review

This is a crochet pattern review of the Easy Crochet Flower Rattle pattern by Two Little Knots on the A Crafty Concept Blog. It features information about the pattern, packaging tips, and a link to the free crochet pattern.

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One of my dearest friends recently reached out to me to make up a gift for her cousin’s new baby girl. When she sent me a picture of the gorgeous wild-flower nursery in shades of yellow and green, my mind immediately went for the Easy Crochet Flower Rattle Pattern by Two Little Knots on the A Crafty Concept Blog!

I am absolutely in love with how cute these little rattles turned out, and I am already in the process of making up a whole garden of them to sell at my next craft show. Each flower works up quickly with minimal materials, and they make the perfect little baby gift either individually or in a larger set.

Crochet Flower Rattle

Materials You’ll Need for a Crochet Flower Rattle

  • Yarn: I used three different types of yarn to try out this pattern.
    • Cotton Yarn: I used a combination of I Love This Cotton, Lily Sugar and Cream, and We Crochet Dishie.
    • Chenille Yarn: I used different shades of Premier Just Chenille
    • Blanket Yarn: I used a combination of Bernat Blanket and Big Twist Cuddle
  • Crochet Hook: You will need to adjust your hook size based on the yarn you are using.
    • For the cotton yarn and the chenille yarn, I used a G6/4 mm crochet hook.
    • For the blanket yarn, I used a J10/6 mm crochet hook.
      • For any size hook, I highly recommend you try out Clover Amour crochet hooks or We Crochet Dots hooks. They are both so nice to work with, ergonomic, and great quality!
  • Stuffing: You only need a small amount of polyester fiberfil. You can also use yarn scraps to help stuff it, but I still recommend using some stuffing to help make it softer.
  • Rattle Insert: They are a bit tricky to insert the standard size rattle when working with cotton yarn, so you may want to use a smaller size insert if one is available. For the largest size with blanket yarn, I used two inserts to increase the amount of rattle.
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle

How Long Does It Take to Make a Crochet Flower Rattle?

These little cuties work up quickly! I was able to make each rattle up from start to finish in just about 30 minutes. This makes for a great market prep option because it helps to keep the price per rattle low, which buyers love!

How Big Are the Crochet Flower Rattles?

I made these little cuties up in a few different sizes to see how they would turn out.

  • In assorted types of cotton yarn with a G6/4 mm crochet hook, the finished flower measured about 3 inches in diameter.
  • In chenille yarn with a G6/4 mm crochet hook, the finished flower measured about 4 inches in diameter.
  • In blanket yarn with a J10/6 mm crochet hook, the finished flower measured about 7 inches in diameter.

How Can I Package a Crochet Flower Rattle?

Packaging can make all the difference! Here are some ideas for packaging up your rattles.

Packaging a Single Rattle

If you are selling or gifting single flower rattles, you can dress them up by adding a product tag like this one from The Knotty Boss. They help to make your products look great! I use these tags on almost all of my products at shows, and they have really made an impact in my sales when I added them.

Once the rattles are sold or ready to gift, you can package them with a small organza or cellophane bag. If you didn’t already attach a product tag, they would be great hang tags to add with a small ribbon or piece of twine.

Packaging a Set of Rattles

When my friend requested a set of crochet flower rattles, she mentioned she wanted a whole bunch of them. That made me think of the great idea to put them into a small bouquet to look like real flowers. As a former florist, I was super excited to try this out!

The process to attach stems to these rattles is a little difficult to explain in text, so I created a video tutorial on how to do it. You can watch the video below:

Tips for Selling

Baby items like rattles tend to be great sellers at markets since people are always looking for cute baby gifts. If your customers fit into the category that would absolutely love cute baby rattles, you could display these rattles with some other cute, spring rattles like baby chicks, bunnies, or lambs. There’s a great pattern by KatieMaeCrochet for spring rattles that I reviewed on the EyeLoveKnots blog you can check out.

You could also pair these rattles with some other similar-size stuffies. Plushies made using the Frank the Frog pattern, Tank the Turtle, or The Knotty ‘Lil Bee patterns using the same type of yarn would be perfect!

I hope this information and all these tips were helpful to you and that these adorable crochet flower rattles become your next best seller! If you decide to make some or package them up as a bouquet, I’d love to see pictures and hear about it! Be sure to tag me so I can see your posts on social media!