5 Perfect Winter Weather Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect winter weather gift? Look no further!

When the holiday season has come to an end and everyone is back to their normal routine with a few new resolutions thrown in there, it sometimes feels like gift-giving and thoughtful surprises come to a halt. If one of your resolutions was to keep showing your loved ones how much you care throughout the whole year, no need to get bogged down by the winter-time blues! I got you covered with some great winter weather gift ideas to warm your friends’ hearts for those cold-weather days!

Lip Balm Holder with Lip Balm

The cold air outside and the brisk wind are rough on lips. Since nobody likes chapped lips, a nice tube of lip balm can serve as a super easy, but really thoughtful gift. You can find so many different flavors and types that this simple gift can be super personalized! Plus, you can even step up your game by providing a handy lip balm holder key chain so that your friends never have to worry about losing their lip balm in the bottom of their bag or accidentally running it through the washing machine!

If you think this would be a great gift for someone you care about, you can shop my selection of lip balm holders here.

If you crochet and want to make your own lip balm holder, you can find my pattern review of my favorite lip balm holder pattern on the EyeLoveKnots blog

Mug with Hot Cocoa or Coffee

Warm drinks are the perfect way to get warm and cozy when the weather outside is frigid. I’m personally not a coffee drinker, but I am always up for a cup of hot cocoa! When choosing to gift a drink mix, if I am not sure someone loves coffee, I typically go for hot chocolate just to be on the safe side. There are so many different hot chocolate flavors, gift sets, and hot cocoa bombs to choose from in stores, it is easy to find something special your loved one will enjoy!

If you are nervous about making sure you pick up the right flavor or you want a gift for someone that is always on the go, a gift card to a coffee shop can also be an excellent idea! Whether you choose to get a drink mix or a gift card, pairing it with a mug and a handmade cozy can really add that special touch!

Here is my favorite crocheted mug cozy pattern that I used for the mug pictured above. This is a really versatile pattern that can be lengthened or shortened to fit pretty much any mug.

If crocheting isn’t your forte, here is an easy, free tutorial to make a sewn mug cozy to fit any size mug.

Tea Assortment

Tea is a fantastic winter weather drink and it’s not just for those that don’t like coffee or hot cocoa! A hot cup of tea not only warms you up and makes you cozy, but it can also have healing and therapeutic properties! I get sick A LOT over the winter months from being exposed to so many germs at school and my kids’ daycare, so I always keep Throat Coat tea on hand for when my throat is sore. A mixture of herbal teas like this would be great for a friend to help keep them feeling good over the cold winter months! 

Tea is also a great gift option to help your loved ones keep their new year’s resolutions. It can be a healthier alternative to hot chocolate or fancy coffees, but can still be easily personalized with different flavors and dressed up with a cute mug and accessories like natural honey sticks. Here is a fun tutorial for a tea time mason jar gift set.


Hats make for a perfect winter weather gift! The best part about gifting a hat is that it’s hard to have too many hats available when the weather gets cold, so it doesn’t matter if your loved one already has a hat in their wardrobe. Chances are, they will love another one, especially if it came from you!

It’s easy to customize hats to be perfect gifts! You can customize them based on texture, material, color, and design. I personally love making custom hats for my family and friends.

If you have a knitting machine, the Bon-Fire Beanie tutorial by Taylor Lynn Crochet is a quick way to make a custom hat in your choice of color and yarn. You can customize it even further by adding a pom pom to it.

If you crochet, there are a tremendous amount of options for crocheted beanies and hats. The one below is from one of my favorite free patterns and works up super quickly in bulky yarn. You can find the free pattern for it here.

If you are gifting a hat to a kid or someone young at heart, you may consider making a fun animal or character hat! This unicorn hat by 5 Little Monsters is one of my absolute favorites to make for all ages!

Board Games

Just because the weather outside is cold doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to get together and have fun inside! Board games make for the perfect evening with friends and family, and are a timeless gift that can be used over and over again! With so many great board games available, you can really personalize your gift by finding a game that meshes well with your loved one’s personality and interests. Some of our family favorites include Risk, Ticket to Ride, Qwirkle, and Scrabble.

You can really jazz up the gift of a board game by adding some fun candy or snacks to go with it. If you want something a bit more long-lasting, a set of handmade coasters would be perfect for pairing with a board game so you don’t get your game wet while enjoying some beverages. Here is a great, easy and free pattern by EyeLoveKnots that you can use to make a set of coasters.

Wrapping Up Your Winter Weather Gift

Once you have decided on the perfect winter weather gift, you will want to attach a special note! Here’s a free printable design you can use to add a caring message to your gift!

If you are looking for more great winter weather ideas, be sure to check out my free tutorial for an adorable “Let it Snow” sign!

I’d love to know what you have decided to gift your loved one! Please comment below with your gift selection, or share your other ideas for perfect winter weather gifts!

Happy gifting!

~ Candace

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