Super Speedy Scrunchie – Free Crochet Pattern

Being a 90’s kid, I was quite excited when I heard that scrunchies were making a comeback. I especially liked that they seemed to come back about the same time that velvet yarn became popular. I set out on a quest to find velvet yarn in stores (mind you, this is a few months ago), and the only kind that I found easily was Bernat Baby Velvet at Michaels.

If you are not familiar with Bernat Baby Velvet, it is thinner and comes in softer colors than other velvet yarns. I think it is so soft and wonderful to work with, so lately I have been making tons of items with it (like this velvet crocheted elephant), but scrunchies are my favorite and quickest project.

This is the velvet elephant I made using Bernat Baby Velvet. You can find more information in my blog post by clicking here!

When I originally started making scrunchies, I used this easy pattern by Mickyla Jackson, which worked really well. It involves single crocheting around the hairband and then putting multiple double crochets into each stitch. This gave a ruffled look to the scrunchie that I thought looked really neat.

These are the scrunchies that I made from Mickyla’s pattern.

After I put some of my scrunchies out for sale, I had a request for a black velvet scrunchie, which I was unable to make with the Bernat Baby Velvet that I had. I purchased some black Yarn Bee Velvety Smooth yarn from Hobby Lobby to make the requested scrunchies, but noticed that it was much thicker than the Bernat Baby Velvet that I was used to using. For the thicker yarn, I ended up just chaining three onto the hair tie and then double crocheting around the hair tie until I felt the scrunchie was full enough.

I was really happy with how the scrunchie turned out using this method. It was also much faster, so I was able to make scrunchies much more quickly! I made quite a few using the Yarn Bee Velvety Smooth yarn from Hobby Lobby in neutral colors.

Here are some of the neutral scrunchies I made. The black and cream scrunchies were made with double crochets using Yarn Bee Velvety Smooth yarn. The gray scrunchies were made using the pattern below with Bernat Baby Velvet.

I really wanted to still use the Bernat Baby Velvet yarn to make scrunchies, however, the double crochets were a little too short to make a full scrunchie. This is what led me to create the pattern below:

Super Speedy Scrunchie Crochet Pattern


  • Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn – I used Orchid Hush for the tutorial below.
  • 5.5 mm Crochet Hook – I use this hook!
  • Elastic Hair Tie
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle


Begin with a slip knot on your hook. Lay the hair tie over your working yarn and pull the hook with the slip knot to the top of the hair tie. Use your hook to pull a loop up through the hair tie and pull it through the slip knot. This will act as your first chain and will attach the yarn to the hair tie. Check out the illustration below for clarification.

Chain three more, for a total of four chains. This will act as your first triple crochet.

For each remaining stitch, you will put your hook through the hair tie to pull up your loops. Triple crochet around the hair tie. You do not need to count the number of stitches. Just continue until you feel the scrunchie is full enough.

When your scrunchie begins to look full, push the stitches closer together to allow more room. This will allow the scrunchie to “scrunch” up and stay full when the elastic is stretched.

When you feel the scrunchie is full enough, slip stitch to the original chain 4 and tie off.

Weave in your ends and you have a finished scrunchie!

I sell my scrunchies, so I use my Cricut to make tags for each scrunchie. Below is what my finished product looks like! Let me know in the comments below if you would be interested in a template for these tags 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this super simple pattern! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. If you decide to make a scrunchie, I would love to see it! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram using @onecraftatatime so I can see your work!

Happy crocheting!

~ Candace 🙂