20 Free Mini Crochet Patterns Perfect for Market Prep

Ready for the ultimate market prep resource? This round-up of 20 free mini crochet patterns is sure to up your game for your next market! Complete with free printables and all the links you need to get started, this is a must-read!

free mini crochet patterns

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Free mini crochet patterns are excellent for quick market prep! Whether you are scrambling at the last minute or you are just trying to batch out as much inventory as possible, these patterns are great because they work up quickly and can be made in different weights of yarn for totally different looks. You can easily fill up some bins or baskets at your stand with a variety of colors and sizes of each of these patterns to give your customers lots of options to pick from!

Crocheting Items for Markets

When making for markets, you want to make sure you are making items that will have a special meaning for your customers. Keeping in mind that some customers are going to know that they could probably find a cheaper fabric alternative at a big name store, you want to make sure your products really speak to them and elicit an emotional response that drives them to buy. You can do this in two ways – offer items that they personally love and can’t live without, or provide them with an opportunity to create a positive emotional interaction with someone in their life.

Option 1: Offer Items Your Customers Personally Love

If you know your audience well, making items that speak to them should be easy. For example, if you are selling at a football game, you would most likely be able to sell a ton of team spirit items, mini footballs, and stadium blankets. At a children’s event, you will probably sell a bunch of small stuffies made in bright colors that are offered at an affordable price that parents can’t say no to. At one of my previous events, an Easter-egg-hunt, I sold my Easter-themed items right away because that’s what my customers wanted.

Option 2: Offer Items Your Customers Can Gift

If you aren’t sure of your customer base, you can focus instead on gift-able items that anyone would want to have on hand. Typically clients of handmade items see the value in giving heirloom gifts to others. Therefore, if you can help to make the gift-giving experience for these customers even easier, you can make the incentive to buy that much stronger. One way to do this is by providing adorable packaging for your items that make them gift-ready!

In this round-up of 20 adorable mini crochet patterns that you can find for free, I not only provide you with the links to the patterns, but I have also created a set of printable tags that you can provide for your customers with each item. These tags are full of friendly little puns and bright colors to help elicit that emotional response you want your customers to have. You can simply print them out, punch a hole in one corner, and tie them right onto your items so they are ready to gift, or you could provide the tag as an option for customers to pick out when they purchase the item.

I have personally used all of these patterns to work up samples, and have only provided ones that I think would be beneficial for your market prepping. Each pattern works up in about an hour or less and only requires minimal materials and sewing. While some patterns are definitely more advanced than others, there are plenty that are accessible for beginner crocheters.

free mini crochet patterns

Materials I Used When Working Up These Free Mini Crochet Patterns

I knew when beginning this curation of patterns that I would need just a little bit of yarn in a lot of different colors. From my previous market-prepping escapades, I had a lot of random colors of cotton yarn on hand, so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for some stash-busting.


My mini crochet makes were made with a variety of cotton yarns including I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby, Dishie from WeCrochet, Lily Sugar and Cream and Peaches and Cream that I purchased at a variety of different stores, and Mainstays Cotton from Wal-Mart. I also used a variety of worsted weight acrylic yarns, some chenille yarn, and some blanket yarn to test out a few of these patterns in different sizes.

Crochet Hook

When working with cotton yarn, I used a E/4 3.5mm Clover Amour Ergonomic crochet hook. Since the cotton yarn is stiffer than acrylic, even with my tight tension I find gaps between my stitches if I don’t at least go with this small of a hook. For acrylic yarn, I use a G/6 4.00 mm hook since my stitches are tight enough together with the tension that I use. I like using the slightly larger hook when possible because it reduces the discomfort in my hands and elbow when working.

For some of the patterns, I also made up blanket yarn versions, in which I used a J/10 6.0 mm crochet hook. I loved how these turned out with the mini patterns because they worked up super quickly, but created larger items that look like they are worth more without any additional effort or time.

Other Materials

While making these minis, I also used polyester fiberfill, 6 mm black safety eyes, a yarn needle, and my favorite scissors. Some of the patterns also required a small amount of felt, for which I just used some scrap pieces I had from other craft projects.

UPDATE: These minis do really well as key chains! I have been selling a lot of these styles as key chains using these smaller key rings and these larger colorful plastic hooks with beaded chain connectors.

Heart Free Mini Crochet Pattern

free mini crochet patterns

My daughter absolutely loves hearts, so I started with those. I found so many different free heart crochet patterns, but I loved the tutorial by Grace and Yarn the most. This free mini amigurumi heart pattern from Grace and Yarn works up quickly in any weight yarn.

You could easily market these small hearts for any market – just adjust the colors, sizes, and embellishments. If you are selling before Valentine’s Day, you could easily create sets that parents could buy for class Valentine’s using the free printable provided below. For other times of the year, you could market these as pocket hugs and tell customers they are a great way to let your loved ones know you are always thinking of them.

For a child-friendly event, you could add some eyes and a smile to make them fun little heart friends in a variety of sizes and colors. You could also adjust the colors to make them match the theme of the event at which you are selling.


Ocean creatures have always been one of my favorite theme to work up, and they have always sold really well at my craft shows. I really love the patterns that utilize the spiraled tentacles for the sea creatures, because the texture and squish it provides really appeals to customers.

The Mini Octopus pattern by EssHaych creates an adorable octopus in a short time! This pattern is made up of two pieces that are sewn together, which makes it easy to batch out a ton of them. I am definitely going to be adding a bunch of these adorable octopi to my inventory for upcoming markets in both the mini size and worked up in blanket yarn.


free mini crochet patterns

Patterns that you can easily customize to make a bunch of different varieties are great for markets. People love to know they are purchasing something that is one-of-a-kind, so a pattern like the Baby Monsters by CraftyisCool is perfect because you can batch-make a bunch of monsters in a variety of different colors and sizes, and still have totally one-of-a-kind pieces.

These little monsters work up super quickly and require very minimal sewing. If you use a Cricut machine or another cutting device, you can quickly make a bunch of felt eyes for these monsters and make a whole collection in no time!

You can definitely expect to hear more about this monster pattern from me in the future, because it is honestly one of my favorite stuffed toy patterns I have encountered, and I have already made several more just for fun!

Duck Free Mini Crochet Pattern

Little rubber ducks are a timeless favorite. Whether you decide to stick with the traditional yellow duck or get adventurous with all different color combinations, this 20 Minute Duck Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern by Stringy DingDing is perfect!

It’s no lie that this pattern works up in just about 20 minutes. The whole body is no-sew and you just have to add a beak. If you are at a market with a large audience of kids, these would be perfect to have on hand!


I have always loved the look of little crocheted owls, and I couldn’t be happier with how this one worked up! The Free Crochet Owl by K Hook Creations works up so quickly and is completely no-sew. You could make a ton of these owls in different colors and sizes. If you use felt like I did for the eyes and the nose, they are so incredibly fast to make and use hardly any materials!


free mini crochet patterns

I have seen tons of no-sew whales all over my social media feeds lately, so they are definitely a must-make! The no-sew whale pattern by Stitch by Fay works up really quickly and looks so cute in a variety of colors and weights. I loved this pattern so much that I wrote up an entire pattern review about it! You can read all about my experience right here on my blog!


If you are doing a summer market, these cute little baby crabs from All From Jade would be great little pocket pals to make up! If you make a bunch at once, they will work up really quickly for you. There is even a pattern available for a mommy crab that you can make as a statement piece to go with the baby crabs.


Cartoon cats are all the rage with kids these days. This cute little cat amigurumi pattern by DIY Fluffies includes just the right amount of detail to look absolutely adorable without using too many materials or too much of your time! These would make perfect squishy stuffies or keychains for your next market! The pattern even gives you some tips on making this with larger weights of yarn.


Hedgehog Amigurumi

These cute little hedgehogs are sure to be a show-stopper! This easy Mini Hedgehog Free Crochet Pattern by Olga Lukoshkina on Amigurumi.Space works up quickly and makes such a cute little stuffy! You could easily use a larger weight yarn to make some different sizes of these cuties. The pattern includes the leave embellishment for the head, but you could embellish them in all sorts of different ways!


free mini crochet patterns

Pineapples have been another popular item at markets as of late, because they are a great symbol to tell others to stand tall and wear a crown! This adorable mini pineapple pattern by A Playful Stitch works up really quickly and easily! You can add a key chain to it, embellish it with a cute face, or make it in blanket yarn for a squishy toy! Whatever you decide, they are sure to sell fast!

Coffee Cup

Coffee cups like these little cuties from Repeat Crafter Me make such cute little gifts for coffee lovers! You could make these as little pocket pals, desk ornaments, or keychains! Repeat Crafter Me also has a bunch of other coffee-themed designs you could make for a whole collection!

Triceratops Free Mini Crochet Pattern

Dinosaurs are a hit with little kids, and these quick little triceratops by Club Crochet are super easy to whip up quickly! They make great minis in worsted weight yarn, or you could use some blanket yarn for little dino stuffies! Be sure to make these in tons of colors and sizes, because they are going to have a roaring response!

Ice Cream Cone

You’re sure to hear some happy screams if you have these cute little ice cream cones by Stringy Ding Ding available at your next market! These cuties worked up so incredibly fast and cute, that I will definitely be making them for all my upcoming markets! I loved this pattern so much that I wrote up a blog post all about it, including all the information about making it in different weights of yarn and both sizes offered in the pattern.


If you are prepping for a summer market, these cute watermelon slices from 1 Dog Woof are sure to be a hit! They would make great little stuffies, shelf sitters for tiered trays, or keychains. You could also make some mini pillows or larger stuffies by using blanket yarn!


These adorable bees have been my number one seller at markets! This free Pocket Bee pattern is available from The Knotty Boss on Instagram. I made a class set of these for my daughter’s daycare class last year with googley eyes as pictured, but I also love making these with safety eyes or felt eyes.

The pattern by the Knotty Boss works up really quickly in any weight yarn. I have made over 100 bees in cotton, acrylic, and blanket yarn using this pattern, and I have loved every one of them. I definitely recommend you make some of these bees for your next market. They are sure to fly off the shelves!


I have seen mushrooms blow up in popularity lately, so these little cuties are sure to please. This free mushroom pattern by Miss Dolka Pots works up quickly and easily. You can add some adorable spots or a keychain to it to make different options available. With lots of cute color choices and looks to pick from, you can make a whole field worth of mushrooms in just a short time!

Apple Free Mini Crochet Pattern

free mini crochet patterns

Simple teacher gifts like this tiny crochet apple by Stella’s Yarn Universe are great to have on hand all throughout the year! Whether it is at the start of the school year, teacher appreciation week, Christmas, or the end of the year, moms tend to be on the lookout for great teacher gifts! If you have these available at a good price point, you have the chance of selling a whole bushel of these cuties, especially if they come with a cute gift tag!


Tacos are a hit all year round, hence why Taco Tuesday comes each week! These cute tiny tacos by Repeat Crafter Me make adorable pocket pals or keychains! They work up so incredibly quickly with no stuffing and minimal yarn! I plan to make a bunch of these as keychains for my upcoming markets!


While cacti can be pretty low maintenance, nothing beats a stuffed mini cactus like this one from Repeat Crafter Me! Both plant lovers and folks lacking a green thumb are sure to enjoy this tiny little smiling cactus! These make great key chains or shelf sitters!


free mini crochet patterns

Who doesn’t love a good donut?? If your customers are watching their calorie counts or not, it’s going to be hard for them to pass on these mini donuts! This free mini donut pattern by A Crafty Concept not only works up super quickly, but it also uses up some scrap yarn for both the outside and the inner stuffing! These would make adorable key chains like the pattern suggests, or you could make up a half dozen and put them in a mini gift box!

I Hope You Loved These 20 Free Mini Crochet Patterns!

Be sure to follow along with the T&C Crafters blog for more free crochet patterns, resources, and market prep tips and tricks! If you make any of these minis, I’d love to hear about it! Comment below or give me a shout out on social media!

Happy Making!

~ Candace 🙂

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