Stranded Mathematicians Activity: A Fun Group Activity for the First Week of School

Last summer I read the book, Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. This book was absolutely fantastic and full of great ways to engage students. I would highly, highly, highly recommend it to any teacher! One of his tactics for helping students learn how to properly work in groups in his class is to … Read more

From “To Do” to “I Did” – A Productivity Strategy to Help Reduce Anxiety

As a working mom, I feel like I have a million and one things to do each day, which can be extremely overwhelming. For years, I have tried to manage my workload and productivity levels by creating to-do lists for myself, but I have found that over the recent years, even just the action of … Read more

DIY Farmhouse Style Hydrangea Wreath for Your Front Door

I have been wanting to do a wreath update for my front door for a few months now. After talking over possible ideas with my husband, we decided that we wanted to go with hydrangea and a one-sided wreath. I enlisted my mom for some assistance with materials, as she owns a flower shop. She … Read more

DIY God Bless America Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging Tutorial with Free Printable Pattern

Happy Independence Day! To help celebrate the Fourth of July today, I thought I would share this tutorial for a patriotic mixed media embroidery hoop. This is a simple embroidery project for beginners, as it uses felt to make a big impact and only requires knowledge of three different embroidery techniques (running stitch, backstitch, and … Read more

DIY Stars and Stripes Tassel Garland Tutorial + Bonus Super Simple Stars Banner Tutorial

With only one day until the Fourth of July, I wanted to give you some super quick and easy projects that you can make last-minute to jazz up your Independence Day celebration! I absolutely love how the Stars and Stripes Tassel Garland turned out! It combines the trendy tassel garland with some button-like stars to … Read more

Join Me as I Journey Through Life, One Craft at a Time

Hi there, and thanks for checking out One Craft at a Time! My name is Candace, and I’m a middle school math teacher that loves to craft and crochet, make improvements around my home, and spend time with my one-year-old son and my husband (who is also a math teacher). One of my favorite things … Read more